Skill-Building Opportunities

Custom resources to reframe challenging moments into learning opportunities, created in partnership with Mind in the Making’s Ellen Galinsky. Made possible by the Bezos Family Foundation.

Developing Key Skills from Challenging Moments

example of Ellen Galinsky's skill building resources

First Book is excited to collaborate with Ellen Galinsky and Erin Ramsey of Mind in the Making at the Bezos Family Foundation to help educators and families learn to view challenging moments with children ages 4-8 as opportunities to develop key skills that every child needs. We surveyed 2,500 First Book members and parents/guardians to identify the behavioral challenges educators and the families they serve face most frequently. Using feedback and the science of learning and brain development, we’ve created a series of clear, actionable resources that educators can use to engage with families, as well as take advantage of in the classroom or program. This resource and series are especially critical as we continue to work through the pandemic and its related stress and trauma.

The Bezos Family Foundation is an independent nonprofit foundation whose mission is to invest in the science of learning and the experiences that youth from prenatal through young adulthood need to pursue their own path for success.

Download New Resources 

New resources will be added weekly, download each to read and share with colleagues or parents/guardians. 

New this week: Screen Time, Sportsmanship

Webinar Playback, Watch Now
Five strategies and a mindset that works

Watch our latest webinar with Ellen Galinsky, the Chief Science Officer at the Bezos Family Foundation and author of the book, Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs, and with Erin Ramsey, the Senior Manager of Mind in the Making at the Foundation. Watch to learn:

  • Why this resource is needed now—as we work through the pandemic
  • The research behind dealing with challenging moments
  • How this resource supports your family engagement strategy
Skill-Building Opportunities Resource Series
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First Book educators can opt-in to the series at any time to receive a weekly email with simple, research-based strategies that shift the mindset from adversity to opportunity for both kids and adults. This resource is especially critical as we continue to work through the pandemic and its related stress and trauma. The resources are formatted to share quickly and easily with parents and caregivers – in English and Spanish. Bookmark this page so you can directly download each strategy as they are made available.

What’s Included?

Tangible tips and solutions that support and address issues such as:

  • ​​​​What do I do when my child swears in public?
  • How can I help my child communicate difficult feelings?
  • Why does my child have meltdowns whenever it’s time to stop what they’re doing?